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When it comes to emergency response measures, every second counts. People in trouble rely on first responders to step in and alleviate the situation — whether it’s a medical emergency, fire or any other dire event. In order for emergency workers to efficiently take care of people, they need a reliable, technical solution they can trust. 

Why reliable technology is vital
Every fire and police station has protocols in place that work well. But what if those procedures could be improved and enhanced by incorporating easy-to-use software? New technology is not meant to replace emergency measures you’re currently using — it is meant to make those practices more efficient and reliable. 

According to the Department of Homeland Security, technology is an important aspect of efficiently responding to an emergency and saving lives. Some of the important tech features for first responders include:

  • Mobile Dispatches: Automatically sends team member dispatch notifications via multiple, simultaneous methods including push notifications, text messages and email.
  • TwoToneDetect: Detects known two-tone pages, records dispatch audio, and connects directly with first responders.
  • Mapping: Maps the incident location and sends directions to the scene.
  • Live Tracking: Shows responding members’ live locations to let you know where they are quickly and easily.
  • Mutual Aid: Links any system with mutual aid agencies for easy access to who is available and responding, sharing pre-plan information and communicating directly. 
  • Map/GIS Markers: Customizes the map with 50+ map markers such as truss construction information, Knox Box knowledge, road closures, AED locations, solar panels and any other hazards or important data. 
  • Pre-Plans: Uploads documents right to any map. Responders can click on icons to view their plans.
  • Resources: Keeps important information in one location including websites and documents.

Every one of these features comes with IamResponding and can assist any department or emergency response team receive information, respond and act quickly. 

For over a decade, IamResponding has been a highly reliable tool using technology that was created specifically for first responders. IamResponding is an end-to-end solution used by thousands of subscribers including fire, EMS, police, dispatch, emergency management, search and rescue, specialty teams and more. Our specifically engineered technology improves incident notifications, reduces response times, increases emergency response turnout, enhances communications, and simplifies everything you do to manage dozens or hundreds of daily dispatches. 

How IamResponding works
First responders face many challenges from slow response times, a lack of situational awareness, scarce communication, and interoperability. IamResponding can aid in combating these issues by enabling quick, confident, and informed decisions. 

When someone dials 911, emergency teams are notified through multiple, redundant ways: through text, call, email, the IamResponding app, and/or a station alert. Having multiple, redundant notification channels is one way that your team can have a reliable resource for alerts, and those in trouble can know that your team is aware of the situation and working on a response. 

After receiving an incident alert, any team member can easily let everyone know who is responding to the call, where they are responding, and when they will arrive. In IamResponding’s maps, the responder is given directions to the emergency and can validate the location marker for all other responders working the scene. 

Not only does IamResponding help first responders become aware of a situation quickly, but it also provides data and information to ensure nobody is scrambling upon arrival at the scene. Responders can access pre-plans and important local data, as well as map markers of all fire hydrants near the location of the emergency. This feature can prepare your team and bring the situation under control in a timely manner. 

Through its integration with RapidSOS, IamResponding is also able to provide first responders with the location of every person in need who calls 911 from a mobile device. With +80% of all 911 calls coming from mobile devices, this greatly assists in improving the timeliness of emergency responses to incidents that lack an addressable location (eg, motor vehicle incidents, large facility and apartment complex incidents, lost/injured hikers, etc.). This provides yet another redundancy layer within IamResponding that enhances the reliability of the information provided to first responders.

“The IamResponding team is the easiest and quickest vendor that we deal with. Others could follow your example of great customer service!”

Kevin E. Revere, Director of Emergency Services

Having a technological solution to depend on might seem unnecessary, but it can be the difference between life and death for both emergency responders and people in peril.

How IamResponding can help first responders be more reliable
IamResponding provides more features, functions, simultaneous communication pathways, benefits and value than any other emergency notification and response tool in the industry. By signing up for this service backed by a new integration from RapidSOS, your organization can benefit from unrivaled reliability on time-saving alerts and critical incident data. See why so many departments are already using this software by starting a free trial today.

Real-world proven
450,000+ first responders at more than 9,500 agencies across the U.S. and Canada rely on IamResponding. Millions of dispatches have been processed and more than 3 billion messages have been delivered. 

Industry-leading network reliability
IamResponding has a fully redundant back-end infrastructure with zero system downtime or outages for the past 8+ years. 

“One of the most important tools we use every day at our station.”

Chief Ken Shuler

Year-round 24/7 monitoring and support
In this line of work, it’s important to be able to speak to someone directly when you need a response or an answer. That’s why we give you access to a real person anytime through either phone or email. 

Many emergency response departments and first responders rely on IamResponding to get to a scene quickly with the right information. Since every single second matters, implement this tool to:

  • Improve incident notifications.
  • Reduce response times.
  • Improve emergency response turnout.
  • Enhance communications.
  • Simplify daily operations for first responders.

Want to see how IamResponding can help your emergency response be more reliable? 

Sign up for a FREE two-day trial today.

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