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By Chellsie Parker Published April 29, 2019 WFIE 14 NBC News

POSEY COUNTY, IN (WFIE) – When it comes to responding to emergencies, time is of the essence. Which is why several fire departments In Posey County are making every effort to keep you safe, as quickly as possible.

Its a program called “IamResponding.”

Wes Dixon is the Fire Chief at the Mt. Vernon Fire Department. He said, “Sometimes we actually get the app push notification and or a text message several seconds ahead of our pagers going off through the radio system”

When it comes to emergencies seconds could be a matter of life and death. “IamResponding” helps dispatch locate first responders on a map.

“Even though we are a small town, it will plan out a route for you the quickest route, just like any other mapping software, so having that, seeing your route, knowing immediately where the hydrants are on your way is very beneficial to us,” said Chief Dixon.

Chief Dixon said the program is also helping ensure every call is received especially in rural Posey County. “There are areas not just in Posey County but everywhere that don’t have really good radio reception, over VHF, so you may get a better cell phone signal in those areas, in which case, you’ll still get the call rather than not receiving it.”

Through these advancements, Posey County firefighters are able to get to emergencies faster than ever.

The cost of that program is minimal for the maximum rewards it puts out. Mt. Vernon isn’t the only department that has added this program in Posey County. Black Township fire department has added it said they have already seen great benefits.

Poseyville is in the process of adding the program right now.

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